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Announcements for NotStory

6 December 2009

Super Sunday Sale is here! Every Sunday, we will have an aunction of many good stuff, but only to be activated if there are 8 players! So, remember to get your Golden Maple Leaves and Mesos ready!

Super Sunday Sale
Venue: To be mentioned in-game
Time: Once activated by 8 players

5 December 2009

Finally after a week of work or studies and Saturday has arrived! In celebration of that, we will be constantly summoning monsters in Ellinia today so that we ensure that our players can level up much faster than their usual training especially on the EXP raise from 7000x to 11000x!

Saturday Summoning Specials
Venue: Ellinia, Channel 1
Time: Every starting 1 hour - GMT+8. Example: 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, etc.

Official launch of our Bandana System! The Bandana System is now available for usage in @fmnpc! There are tier 1, 2 and 3 bandanas! We will also improve further on it soon.

4 December 2009

We have raised our EXP rates to 11000x as for reimbursement of some technical issues in the server and was unavailable until 2100hrs - GMT+8 on 4 December 2009. The EXP rates will resume to 7000x on 7 December 2009. Make sure to train hard during the EXP raise!

Bandana System is now available for preview in @fmnpc!

3 December 2009

Free Market Rooms 1, 2 and 3 are now filled with Candle Monsters and Cake Monsters! They will drop Magic Crystal at a random chance! Magic Crystal is now available to be used for the Gachapon!

Custom Gachapon is now equipped with the Gachapon Alarm! Check it out!

Custom Gachapon is now available in @fmnpc!

Banning System is now improved!

2 December 2009

Jailing System is now improved!

New command! @checkstats! Check the stats of yourself!

1 day is over, and the Meso Rate is now back to 2000x! How fast!

1 December 2009

Buffs are now all set to 1 hour! Which means to say, you don't have to worry so much about your buffs wearing out!

To celebrate the coming month of December, we are going to raise the Meso Rate to 3000x! So remember to start farming for mesos, for this only last for 1 day!

New month, new updates! We've added in a Gamble NPC, together with the Dash Remover NPC! Now you can win mesos and double tap your arrow keys without having to cancel your Haste!

30 November 2009

Added new commands from other servers that we do not use here and it will tell you the real command we use in NotStory! For example: @cody

New rank of Rank 421 in! We have reached the target of 200 outs, reaching 237 outs and 1 ins!
Out next target is 500 outs and 20 ins! If we reach the target, the whole server will have an additional EXP increase to 9000x for 2 days! What are you waiting for? Go to the main page and vote for our, now!

Useless NPCs now have their text removed!

MapleStory Fitness Test:- (Reimbursement for 29 November 2009's MapleStory Fitness Test event)
Venue: Lith Harbour
Channel: To be mentioned in game
Time: To be mentioned in game
Note: Needs to be activated by 6 players online.

29 November 2009

Venue: Lith Harbour
Channel: To be mentioned in game
Time: To be mentioned in game
Note: Needs to be activated by 8 players online.

We have entered and broke our target of 150 outs! Our next target is 200 outs!

28 November 2009

Added suggestion/feedback and chat area in our NotStory forum - only members are allowed to post.

Venue: Lith Harbour
Channel: To be mentioned in game
Time: To be mentioned in game

EXP rate increased to 7000x

Added All-in-one-shop in @fmnpc

27 November 2009

Added Custom boss map (can be entered via Wonky the Fairy in Henesys) :cry:


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